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The story starts in 2012 when the cottages were first opened for tourists to book their stay. Hvammastangi Cottages are owned by a group of friends who live in town (Hvammstangi village). Each one brought their knowledge and skill set to the table and together they built the 9 cottages located in Kirkjuhvammur, a secluded spot near a small valley a creek and excellent view.

The location was carefully chosen with the independent and nature-loving traveler in mind. The cottages are located “above” Hvammstangi village which has every service you might need on your travels, but are still secluded, as if you were in the middle of nowhere.

Since we opened we have welcomed thousands of people from all over the world.

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In 2017 we opened up a hostel in Hvammstangi village. It is in a redesigned container building in the north end of the village. It is the perfect stop-over for the more sociable traveler and groups of people travelling together.

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Your host

Even though everything is booked online these days and there isn’t a special reception for either the cottages or at the hostel, there is a self-checkin process, you still have a host who is the one who manages your booking and is the one you communicate to if you have any questions or need help regarding your stay.

Hi, I’m Kristin

I’m a “new” local to the area, I lived with my family in Denmark and moved back home to Iceland in 2017. Apart from being your host I’m a web designer, yarn-dyer and a strawberry & vegetable farmer. My interests include being in the Icelandic nature, knitting, growing vegetables and photographing.


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